Roasted Coffee Beans

Wake up your day HIS way! Imagine the rousing aroma of perfectly roasted coffee beans as you pour your first cup. Savor the full bodied, robust flavor and taste the difference between a good cup of coffee and a Heavenly one!

We select our gourmet roasted coffee beans from only the top one percent of beans in the industry. These premium beans come from all the major growing regions of the world, particularly South and Central America.

Proper roasting plays an essential part in how we get the best flavor for our exceptional coffees. With 30 years experience, our custom roaster has perfected the art of roasting coffee beans, bringing out the distinctive aromatics while providing just the right balance in flavor without over-roasting. This is precisely how we are able to provide a deep, rich flavor without a bitter aftertaste. In fact, our Raise the Dead, Dark Roast is noted for its delicious smooth finish. All of our coffees are made from perfectly roasted beans, low in acidity and can be enjoyed any time of the day. 

Most importantly, as Christians who take our faith seriously, we feel it is only right that we deal with people who respect their workers and live by the Golden Rule. As a result, we are proud to state that all of our premium coffee beans are Fairly Traded. Our roaster has personal relationships with each of our farmers and makes it a priority to visit them at least twice a year to ensure they are receiving top dollar for their beans. 

Whether you enjoy our gourmet coffee hot or over ice, our quality won’t disappoint! His Coffee also makes a great gift. Our unique DeVine Grind gift bottle or a beautiful bag with our signature “Jesus Coffee and Me” mug is sure to be apprecitated by family and friends. 

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Our Coffees:

  • Holy Grounds – Medium Roast; A Guatemalan blend produces an even body with low acidity, ensuring a satisfying cup every time.

  • Raise the Dead – Dark Roast;  A Sumatran blend, full-bodied with a pleasant, smooth finish.

  • Vanilla from Heaven Flavored Medium Roast; Our Vanilla Nut flavored coffee has the hint of sweetness and rich aromatics that tantalize the senses.

  • Be Still – Decaffeinated Medium Roast; A Costa Rican and Brazilian blend that is put through a "pure water only" decaffeination process. By not using chemicals, we have preserved the complex flavors and rich finish.

  • DeVine Grind – Specialty Gift Bottle; A divine mix of dark and medium-dark whole beans that produce an exceptional brew! Available only in our attractive gift bottle.


What to Avoid when storing your Gourmet Coffee:

Air, Moisture, Heat, Light

Coffee Storage Locations
Cool, dark, dry places (such as pantries and cabinets), are best for coffee storage. Refrigerators and freezers should be avoided because they are moist. Warm spots, such as above/next to the oven and in cabinets that get hot from exposure to sunlight or cooking equipment should also be avoided. Countertops that are away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat are fine if you use opaque, airtight storage vessels.

Coffee Container Types
Once the coffee’s original packaging is opened, coffee loses its freshness quickly. Glass, ceramic or non-reactive metal containers with airtight gaskets are ideal for storing coffee. Coffee can be stored fresh in clear, glass canisters or clear plastic ware only if the canisters are kept in a cool, dark place.  If you plan to keep your coffee on the countertop, opaque, airtight containers are best.

Freezing Coffee
Freezing is not good for coffee's freshness because it causes some of the flavorful coffee oils to break down and if the packaging isn’t airtight, the (porous) coffee will begin to taste like the inside of your freezer. If necessary, airtight foil or heat-sealed film bags of coffee may be stored for up to one month in the freezer. No matter what you do, do not return bags of coffee to the freezer once you’ve opened them or your coffee will lose its robust flavor from repeated freezes/thaws and gain the flavor of your freezer.

Vacuum-Sealed & Valve-Sealed Coffees
Vacuum-sealed coffee is allowed to age before it is sealed. (This is because coffee releases gas as it loses freshness, causing the packaging to expand and potentially even burst.) This type of packaging is intended for grocery store shelf-life, and is not of the same caliber as fresh-roasted coffee.

Valve-sealed coffee allows gasses to escape from the coffee packaging, but doesn't let any gasses in so coffee can be packaged immediately after roasting. This package tends to ensure greater freshness over vacuum-sealed coffee; however fresh-ground coffee usually has the freshest flavor. 

Vacuum- and valve-sealed coffees are best within one to two weeks of opening.