Does Your Organization Have A Mission
And Need Funding?


If you’ve got a mission, we’ll get you there! Whether you need to raise funds to send youth on a mission trip, a retreat, or conference; or whether you're looking to raise funds for the needs of your school, church or community; or maybe your mission is to raise funds to provide scholarships, update curriculum, or even build a building, we are your Christian fundraising solution! Our Mission Fundraising program is different from any other fundraisers out there. We combine three essential elements: it’s easy, profitable and it’s a great way to evangelize!

Mission FundraisingIt’s easy: Coffee or tea is considered to be an “essential” in most everyone’s day. Our products are in high demand, even in an economy where people tend not to spend on extras. Our Fairly-Traded, Gourmet Roasted Beans and Premium Teas don't need to be "sold". They simply need to be presented. People find them delicious and are impressed with their quality.

In addition to having a sought-after product, we have a hassle-free way to present it. Everything is done all online! With our new All Online Fundraising there is no need to store inventory, no hand calculated order forms, no money is collected, no placing a big order or waiting for a shipment. No dispersing it among your members, and no delivering to customers. Orders are placed through a link from each member's profile page and shipped directly to your customer while you earn the profits and your members earn incentives!

It’s profitable: 35% to 40% of all orders directly benefit your organization. Plus, our AutoShip feature provides a continuous revenue stream for your group. Your customers can sign up to receive His Coffee or Tea on a regular basis and support your fundraiser all year long, with little effort on your part.
It’s a great way to evangelize: The mission of His Coffee Company is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. On the back labels of our products we invite the user to add a little more "positive" to their lives. We suggest beginning the day by finding a quiet place, pouring a cup of His Coffee or Tea, opening a Bible and getting into the Word, then savoring the presence of the Savior. We call this a "Jesus, Coffee and Me" moment. Our Lord has all the answers we seek and is only waiting for us to ask. When we spend this time with Jesus on a daily basis He will bless our lives. When our lives are blessed we naturally make a positive difference in the world around us!
Mission Fundraising is a win-win combination!
You earn money for your mission while
planting seeds to make a positive
difference in the lives of others
by spreading the Good News!


Through our AutoShip program,
Fundraisers receive a
 continuous revenue stream
to support their mission! 
When customers sign up to receive
their coffee or tea on a
regularly scheduled basis,
each time an order is filled and shipped,
the organization receives credit for that sale. 
Checks are sent to the organizations
on a monthly basis for all sales generated
through the AutoShip program!