All that we are, all that we have is His!
Whether you need to raise funds to send your youth on a mission trip, a retreat, or conference; or whether you need to raise funds for your school or church so that you can go out there and spread His Word, we have the Christian mission fundraising alternative to help you accomplish your goals.
As Christians who take our faith seriously, we felt it was only right that we deal with people who respect their workers and live by the Golden Rule. As a result, we are proud that all of our premium roasted coffee beans are Fairly Traded.

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Our purveyor has established relationships with growers all over the world. They understand the difference between a mediocre cup of tea and one that makes for a most enjoyable experience. Because of this, all of our premium teas are loose leaf.

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His Coffee Company’s vision is to develop a culture of Christians who are willing to adjust their busy daily routine by turning from the world’s constant distractions – the TV, Internet, radio, cell phone, etc. – and nourish their relationship with the Lord through prayer and study of scripture as they savor their first cup of the day. Jesus Coffee and Me

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About Us

We are a bunch of Christians who enjoy a steaming cup of the best-tasting coffee and sharing it with a trusted friend. Stir in a big spoonful of passion for helping others and a heaping desire to make a positive difference in the world and you’ve got HIS Coffee Company!

What started out as a prayer for wanting to help ease the pain in a hurting world by doing the Lord’s work has resulted in a company dedicated to helping Christian schools, churches and youth groups achieve their fundraising goals while ministering to others.

We offer more than your average cup of coffee or tea. We start with the top one percent of Gourmet Roasted Coffee Beans and Premium Tea leaves in the industry, because if we are going to put HIS name on it, it better be good. Then we take it a step further. We’ve added a special ingredient: Purpose. Our purpose is to help people know Jesus better through our mission of “Jesus, Coffee and Me”. We set out to do this with our Christian-labeled coffee fundraising, or better yet, “Mission Fundraising”.

We believe that if we can provide a Christian product for schools, churches and youth groups to raise the money they need to fund their classrooms, mission trips, community outreach programs, retreats and building projects, while empowering them to plant seeds of hope, then together we can make a positive difference in the world! While they earn money for their group, each bag they sell becomes an invitation to put Christ at the helm of each user’s day. We can imagine the Lord using our simple bag of coffee or tea to begin transforming individual lives, then creating a ripple effect to transform our world.

In addition to providing gourmet coffee and premium teas for mission fundraising, we’re happy to offer a Christian alternative to discriminating coffee and tea drinkers everywhere through our retail store. One doesn’t have to sacrifice good taste in exchange for ethics and morals. We have it all right here!


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